Here's What it's All About
What is Good Spark Consulting?
Good Spark Consulting is a marketing agency that specializes in building out custom sales funnels for Kingdom small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them reach more people with their message, giftings, talents, and skills. 
 - so what is a "sales funnel"? 
A sales funnel is a thoughtful series of steps that a customer goes through online, to help you generate leads or more sales. It's like a website, but there's a specific action that the customer takes - something like downloading your free resource, booking a call, purchasing products, growing your email list, etc. 
Who is Jordan Hoopingarner?
How Does He Know About Sales Funnels?
I'm a Husband, Father of Two, Son of God, and Lover of Digital Marketing. After years of being the Director of Marketing for my family's business, I jumped out on my own when the business sold. 

My first exposure to sales funnels was when I joined a Kingdom Entrepreneurship program, but had been creating pieces of a sales funnels for years, I just didn't know it. I had no business idea at the time of joining, I just knew I was called to be a Kingdom Entrepreneur. Eventually, I just started serving people in the group by helping them with the marketing. It was so fun, and I would get SO EXCITED when they received a breakthrough. Then one time, someone said it was so valuable that they paid me $100. I was blown away - I just got paid for something I love, outside of my job, and had a blast doing it. 

My first success with a sales funnel was when I had an idea to give away some free samples we had laying around. I wrote an email, and within 90 minutes of sending it, all 50 free samples kits were claimed. We spent $18 and made over $710 in just a few days. I knew that if I could do it once, I could do it again. And so, my passion turned into my first journey doing it full time.
How Good Spark Consulting Began
Don't Despise Small Beginnings
I was at a Kingdom Entrepreneurship conference just a few days after our family's business sold. I met a Kingdom entrepreneur there who needed someone to create sales funnels for his businesses and asked me to do it. After a few weeks of praying, and seeking wise counsel, I put in my notice at the company that purchased ours. 

It was a huge risk to leave security like that, but the Lord flung open the doors and I walked through them. I created one sales funnel that did over $5,300 in less than 24 hours. It was crazy. I knew then that I could really do this. 
This is where Good Spark Consulting Fits in

Most of the time when I consult, I see a business doing a bunch of random acts of marketing. Sending out emails, random holiday sales, crazy expensive SEO campaigns, coupon books, anything to try to get more sales. I'm not here to try an reinvent their wheel of products or services, just simply structure them in a way that's meant to maximize the customer experience and value. 
Why Am I Doing This?
It's Much More Than Making Money
One time my Wife and I were walking through the local farmers market, and all I could focus on was how all of the vendors could make more money by making simple adjustments. I was so overwhelmed with the desire to help them that I felt crippled. That's when I knew I had to narrow my focus to people my heart really breaks for...Kingdom Entrepreneurs and businesses.

Will I help business that aren't "Kingdom" or "Christian"? Sure. But what makes me COME ALIVE is when I get to help one of my brothers or sisters in Christ help more of the people that they feel called to. 

We all have different gifting, talents, and messages from the Lord. I love when I get to plug in my giftings to help expand theirs. It's like I get to contribute to the breakthrough that their customers get, because I helped them get them. At that point, money becomes a byproduct of the value we both bring. 
My Renewed Life
I was saved by grace from a lifestyle of heavy drinking, occasional drugs, and partying. Leaving me with a void that was filled with pure love on March 31st, 2013, by Jesus Christ. I've been on fire for Him since that day and have seen Him do seriously awesome works. My life is to know Him deeper.
My brother (right) and I (left) praying
My Gorgeous Wife
Meet my lovely Wife, Mackenzie. She's my best friend, #1 encourager, and love of my life. We were married August 27, 2016. Our marriage is full of joy, laughter, and Jesus. She's the most curious person I've ever met and we both love to be spontaneous. I love her so much and couldn't do this without her! 
I married up!
All of my immediate family (minus the kids)
My Gigantic Amazing Family
I'm the youngest of 6 kids! I love having a huge family. With kids, there's 25 of us. It makes for pretty exciting and full birthday parties. 5/6 of us kids left Jesus at a young age, and have all come back to serve Him wholeheartdly. Don't underestimate the power of a praying Momma!
Grand Canyon with my 2nd oldest bro.
My Happy Place
One of my favorite things is being able to unplug outdoors. If I get to go on a big backpacking trip, I'm in Heaven. There's nothing like pushing myself past my boundaries to see something few people get to see and experience. I love it. 
Websites Don't Work Like Sales Funnels Do
Time To Get Started
When I created a website for my family's business, I thought it would bring in new leads all of the time. It didn't, even though the experts I listened to said it would. When I applied what I learned about the science and strategy behind sales funnels, my first one returned 34X on investment. I've proven to myself first that sales funnels actually work...and I believe in them so much that I left all security of my career as a Marketer to build them for people that don't know how to do it, don't have the time to, or don't have the desire to build their own. 
Good Spark Exists to Serve YOU!
Get Constant Marketing and Kingdom Business Content
Kingdom entrepreneurs and business people are the reason for Good Spark Consulting. I love serving and advancing the Kingdom through my business and yours. I want to hear what marketing stuff has you stuck on my Facebook Page. If you have questions about sales funnels, just hop on there or send me a message. 

What If You Had An Automatic Marketing Machine?
Want More Leads and Sales Delivered Right To You?
I Believe In The Power of Sales Funnels So Much So That I Left The Security of My Career As A Marketing Director To Build Them For People!
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